Hi 👋, I'm Brendan.
I'm a full-stack web developer
Yes, kind of like Spiderman

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Front-end Javascript (React, Ember)

  • Collaborative business processes, teamwork, cooperation with a wide range of personality types.
  • Leadership, professionalism, organization.
  • A joy of learning, building, and creating. Persistence.

Health and Fitness (Cycling, Volleyball, Basketball, Yoga), Soccer (Liverpool, Whitecaps), Music.


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On My Way

Sole Developer. Staff and Client management tool. Payroll Integration.

  • Ruby on Rails API, React.js + Redux Progressive Web App front-end.
  • Separate Office (desktop-based) and Employee (mobile-based) interfaces
  • Communication between Staff and Employees via Push Notiication, SMS, and/or email
  • Payroll Integration with ELF Payroll API

On My Way (continued)

Why Ruby on Rails API?

  • Widely leverage Sidekiq for scheduled and asynchronous tasks.
  • ActiveRecord makes working with a relational database enjoyable
  • Overall confidence and speed developing using the framework

Why React.js?

  • Ability to somewhat smoothly translate to React Native if client requires a native mobile application
  • Create React App faciliatates Progressive Web Apps if a native mobile app isn't required.
  • Wide range of popular and well-documented open-source packages available
  • Works well with Redux

Strutta Dashboard

Small Agile Development Team

  • Customizable Online Competitions Platform
  • Ruby on Rails APIs, Ember.js front-end.


Front-End Lead for Coding Bull Agency

  • Dispatch and Track your Company Fleet
  • Ruby on Rails + React-Rails gem.

Soundcloud Filter
Chrome Extension

Hobby Project to clean up my (and others') overwhelming Soundcloud Feeds

  • 73 users after a couple evenings' development and no marketing
  • Javascript and Jquery.